Sacrificing Quality for Quantity
You get what you pay for

Yes, we've seen the $19.95, $24.95, $49.95 per month web hosting ads. And frankly, we have no come-ons to entice you to hire us at these prices. It is unethical to mislead people to believe their company's web site will cost less than $500 per year (and be successful).

Someone has to plan the site, write the copy, scan the graphics, learn the technology and make the updates. Whether you do the updates or the we do them, they must be done. The bottom line is you're the one who will pay for it. With us, when we layout a web site plan, you know what its going to cost, and with them, they hope you don't ask too many questions before you sign-up. We take a "Total Cost" approach, along with the goals and objectives of your web site, we work towards a realistic cost. There are no surprises and we begin a what hope is a long-term relationship with a good foundation.

The reason we picked Web Partners for our name is that we believe a successful web site requires the web hosting company to act like a partner. We don't feel we've earned our keep unless our client's web site goals are being met. A successful web site requires regular updates and improvements. If you don't plan on regular updates, don't expect much, it probably won't succeed. None of the discount web hosting services tell you not to update regularly, but if you have them help update, you will pay. With our hosting, regular updates are included. We feel so strong about it, we normally don't quote "no update" hosting unless we agree you are capable of updating your site on your own.